Bid to Earn.

Earn in crypto, when you lose your bid.
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"Bid to Earn" auctions offer a chance for losing bidders to receive a portion of the commission earned from the winning bid, incentivizing participation and increasing competition.

What is Bid to Earn?

In "bid to earn" auctions, losing bidders are awarded a portion of the commission earned from the winning bid as a way to incentivize participation and encourage competition. This means that even if a bidder is not the highest bidder, they may still receive a reward for their participation in the auction. This can make "bid to earn" auctions more appealing to potential bidders, as they have the opportunity to earn a reward even if they do not win the auction.

  • Losing bidders in "Bid to Earn" auctions receive a share of the 1% commission earned from each NFT sale.
  • Rewards in "Bid to Earn" auctions are paid in native tokens such as ETH and MATIC.
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